Liget+ community

We have created the Liget+ community to ensure the highest possible level of services and to offer an expanding range of discounts for the visitors of the revived Városliget in all Liget institutions and service providers.

Liget+ free Wi-Fi

We provide free, fast wireless internet for members of the Liget+ community in the renovated parts of Városliget. After a quick and free registration, every Liget+ member can use the internet unlimitedly, no matter if in the heart of the park or at the lowest level of Museum Underground Parking.

Liget+ free use of toilets

The use of the new, public toilets built as part of the Liget Budapest Project is free of charge for members of the Liget+ community. After a quick and free registration, you can find a QR code in every Liget+ account with which the toilets can be used for free.

10% online discount

Members of the Liget+ community receive a 10% discount from the price of certain tickets, and every sports field booking at

10% gastro discount

For frequent visitors of the revived Városliget, the Liget+ membership is the ideal choice for many reasons. After a quick and free registration, members of the Liget+ community can not only enjoy the new services realised as part of the Liget Budapest Projekt at a discount, but more and more cafés and restaurants also offer considerable discounts for the members.

Unique passes and memberships

A Liget+ membership already offers several discounts and benefits in itself in the revived Városliget. But to make the most of your visits, buy one of the special passes and memberships, which were created to satisfy the most diverse uses and interests. To purchase passes and memberships, click HERE.

Comfortable online payment

Register your bank cards so that you can pay even more easily for your future purchases. By choosing the method of payment by stored bank card, the system connects the bank card to your Liget+ account. This way, during your next transaction you will only need to choose the stored card you wish to use, and the proper amount will be automatically deducted from the bank account connected to the stored bank card. Please make sure that for the bank card you wish to register, the security code service is already in use at your bank.

Share your QR code

There is no need to wait for each other by the pitch. You can easily share the QR code of your Városliget Mini Arena or Basketball Mini Arena booking with your teammates. With the shared QR code, your teammates can also open the sports fields, as well as use the locker room during the booked time slot(s) and half an hour before/after that.

Booking for group visits

This system tailored for the needs of group visitors ensures quick, comfortable bookings and purchases. After entering some basic details, the system automatically offers solely the programs and time slots suitable for the particular group. Printing the entrance tickets is not necessary in this case either, as they will be sent to the given e-mail address.